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Generally speaking, I leave comic books to comic book fans but since some bright spark during the Berman era already crossed TNG and X-Men in the format I think that tells one all they need to know about how inbred and iffy they can get.

But I didn't mind the fanwank in the last film. But I firmly accept everyone's definition of and tolerance level of it differs. It's like technobabble. I couldn't entirely say it was the most fanwankish film but I'm not likely to ever sit through them all and tot up all the moments that may count. Though possibly just because for the most part O & K were able to blend it into the story in a way that didn't make it feel like fanwank but just made it seem enjoyable. Or that they knew it needed approached differently in film than in a comic format where fanwank has already tipped over the common sense level (read X-men crossover above).

Apart from the Archer reference. I'd have vetoed that in a heartbeat.
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