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Originally Posted by martok2112 View Post
I will agree. Nemesis was TOO open-ended for a "sendoff" movie. It was like: "If the movie fails, it's a sendoff...if it succeeds, it's an open check for the next movie."
Indeed. My impression is that during the last one or two decades a lot of Hollywood movies work like this. It is perfectly fine and understandable that you wanna maintain your options, you want your movie to have an end as well as a potentially new beginning.
But recently is often not done fluently and seamlessly, instead of being a natural part of the story which you hardly notice the "we wanna keep our options open" rationale kinda sticks out too much. Let's take e.g. "Star Wars", while the opening crawl reveals that this is just one chapter of a story it has a clear ending; there are no forced "we gotta hedge our bets concerning a potential follow-up movie" vibes in it.
That's not at least why I always say that paradoxically you can only make a truly great movie and thus a lot of $$$ if you are not mainly motivated by money. Or as Yoda would say, let go of everything you fear to lose.
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