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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
Wife and family vs. Starfleet made more sense than monk vs. captain. Furthermore I don't like the idea that Kirk could be happily married and continue his Starfleet adventures. The point of GEN (as well as TWOK and TSFS) that Picard and Kirk had to pay a price for their life in Starfleet, that you cannot do everything in your life, is more important than a happy ending in which all conflicts and trade-offs just disappear.
While I do not dislike your open end I consider the retirement story from TUC better. NEM did not feel like a proper ending to TNG precisely because it was open-ended whereas TUC had great goodbye atmosphere from the very beginning on.
I will agree. Nemesis was TOO open-ended for a "sendoff" movie. It was like: "If the movie fails, it's a sendoff...if it succeeds, it's an open check for the next movie."

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