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Default Star Trek VI: What could have been...

I remember during the spring or summer of '91 reading a blurb about upcoming movies in People Magazine.
For its little blurb about "Star Trek VI" it said Spock gets married and Kirk becomes a Monk.
Years later, I can only assume this was an inside joke to throw off those possible spoilers who wanted to reveal key plot points.
But on the other hand...
Imagine a "Star Trek VI" beginning with Captain Kirk far away from his Starship crew on a snowy mountain top wrapped in a cloak in an attempt to conceal his identity. Its been 10 years since the last mission of the Starship Enterprise.
His fellow brothers in faith whisper among themselves believing they are in the presence of the legendary Starship Captain.
Soon we see Spock preparing for his Matrimonial service on Earth of all places, surrounded by most of his crewmates from the Starship Enterprise.
Spock's wedding plans are disrupted by news that a war has erupted between Romulans and the Klingons and the Federation has sent the Enterprise to Organia in an attempt to meet with Klingon and Romulan Leaders.
When they arrive at Organia, a reunited Kirk, Spock and Bones look for the Elders they had met with 25 years earlier. None of the Organians are anywhere to be found, so this gives "the big 3" a chance to talk and to discuss their lives and their future. Spock reminds Jim that he can make a difference by getting back in the Captain's chair. Spock tells Kirk that he's found true love and happiness. McCoy raises his eybrow.
A distress signal comes in and a war breaks out in the skys above Organia. Kirk and crew return to the Enterprise where with the help of the Organians they somehow beam the captain's of both ships to the Enterprise. A truce is called and a new peace is in the air.
The film ends with a double wedding for Spock & Kirk. Kirk marrying Gillian from Star Trek IV. The last scene shows Kirk, Gillian, Spock, Mrs. Spock, McCoy and 2 red shirts beaming down to a strange new world and we can only imagine that the Human Adventure is just begining again.
Now tell me...isn't that a more rewarding send off than turning Star Trek VI into the Klingon story when we really cared more about our own heroes.
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