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"...the way it should have been."

Hearing comments like that, you would think something was 'wrong' with the way it was done. As if the studio cheeped out by not releasing it full HD back in 1987. Or as if using SD video (instead of 33mm film) for post-production wasn't the norm for most TV shows from the mid-'80s through the mid-'90s.

Just for ****s and giggles, I decided to check out some old TOS DVD reviews:
When I saw my first remastered episode in high-definition, I heard George Takei's voice in my head: "Oh my!" I remember how disappointed I was when I got my first Trek DVDs and found the colors dull and lifeless, the detail lacking, and the print damage incredibly distracting. The improvement on this latest release is, for lack of a better phrase, jaw-dropping. Star Trek is packed with vibrant colors intended to dazzle the early color television owners, and with the restoration done on these episodes, those colors have never looked better., review for TOS Remastered, 2007 DVD/HD-DVD release.

Seriously? Even back when the un-Remastered DVDs were released (which were themselves produced from a remaster BTW) people already thought they looked dull and muddy? Hmm... surely some earlier reviews would reflect this.
In terms of video and sound quality, these DVDs have been mastered from the same digital source material as the previous DVD [single] releases (we've confirmed this with the studio). ... The digital, high-definition transfers were done using the original film interpositives from the studio's vaults (for broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel). The D1 master tapes were then "cleaned" using special digital filters to reduce the amount of dust and dirt visible. The result, on virtually every episode, is a crisp and vibrant picture, with terrific contrast and lush, accurate colors. The video isn't reference quality certainly, especially given the age of these episodes. You'll still see grain as I mentioned, along with occasional bits of dust and scratches on the film, particularly during effects shots. In any case, the picture looks significantly better than you've ever seen it before (save for the earlier DVDs). If you're a fan of the series, and you haven't seen these episodes on DVD previously, you'll be blown away., review for TOS S1 2004 DVD release

Retrospective memory is such a wonderful thing.


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