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I suppose you could argue much of the novelty of seeing 'The Menagerie' is lost if you've already seen 'The Cage'. That was my experience anyway. I had already seen 'The Cage' (restored version) broadcast in fall of '88 as part of a cynical commercial effort to assure viewers that TNG S2 was still coming eventually (it was the year of the writer's strike).

And yet 'The Menagerie' is part of the 'untouchable' classic TOS... if anything is going to get relegated as 'bonus material' it will be 'The Cage'. And 3rd season is the shortest in terms of hourly content.

However, technically 'The Cage' has been categorized as episode 1 ever since the VHS days, so a 'proper' full series set should have it up front. With Gene Roddenberry's 1986 intro explaining what it is you're watching.

Of course then it would have to be the black-and-white version, because Roddenberry just got through saying so. Only how many new fans would select that version? Most of them will watch the remastered version, which is on an alternate 'seamless branching' track with the restored version.

Might be easier to just keep it at the end, so nobody 'freaks out' and wonders just how many hours of TV they might have to sit through before Kirk shows up. Oh, but then wait a minute... why is the first ep numbered as '2'? We're already missing an episode. We'll be totally lost!

Maybe we just need to keep them scrambled, and just let the sets and wardrobe turn all 'wacko' for that one third ep. Sh*t... I think I've just rationalized why that will never change now.

Oh well...

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