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*During Crawford's Post-Delta Shuttle Montgomery Scott-Heading out of Unix 3321's atmosphere*

Crawford:"Captain, you realize doing that wasn't nessicary."

K'larrg:"Dr. I do not tell you how to treat your patients, I would remind you do not tell me how to command."

Kolarna(Whispering to Smith):"Do they always do that? They seem like they hate each other."

Smith (Whispering):"Actually, the Captain being Klingon, he's showing the Dr. respect. Klingons and Andorians are warrior races. This interplay is very normal Ms. Kolanra."

Kolarna:"Odd, odd behavior indeed. I am just Kolanra."

*Smith nods and smiles*

Jones:"Sir, the Gorkon is not in orbit!"

K'larrg:"I suspected as much. Scan for Starship debris Mr. Jones."

Crawford:"Oh wonderful! What will we do if they are destoryed, sir?"

K'larrg:"Then we shall do what we can to stop the plans of Commdore Zardoz, and Captain Jeggins."

Crawford:"A Delta shuttle against Starships? Isn't there a Kingon saying that says "...only a fool fights in a burning house..?"

*K'larrg glares as they are interupted by Jones*

Jones:"Scans say no sign of any spacecraft debris, Captain."

K'larrg:"Good. Then plot a course out of the Badlands, Mr Jones. Full Impulse."

Jones:"Understood, sir. Any specific heading, sir?"

K'larrg:"231 mark 73, what they call Omara base Mr. Jones."

Jones:"Couse laid in, sir."

K'larrg:"Execute. How long until we clear the Badlands?"

Jones:"At sublight, about 10 hours sir."

Carwford:"Why 10 hours??? The Gorkon got in here faster, at warp."

K'larrg:"Becuase Doctor, this is a Delta Shuttle, NOT a Galaxy Class Starship. Our Warp engines are not as protected. (Addresing all) I would suggest all of you take this oppertunity to rest, and try to sleep."

Kolarna:"I slept long enough Captain K'larrg. I can keep track of our heading, if you would like sleep."

K'larrg:"That would be most welcome, Lady Kolana."

*K'larrg settles back into a science station chair and drifts to sleep..and dreams...*

*In K'larrg's dream, USS ENT-E, approximately 7 years ago*

Picard:"Number one, isn't it a bit early for your shift?"

K'larrg:"Sir, as a first officer, it is my DUTY to set an example for the crew."

Picard (Smiling):"That it is Number One."

Lt Crusher (At Tatical):"Capatin, I getting am audio only distress signal from the Palona star group, it's faint."

Picard:"On speakers Lt. (Turning to K'larrg)Mr. K'larrg, what do we know about the Palona?"

K'larrg:"The Palona only achived warp capability 3 years ago, technology equivlent to Earth about 2120, or the the reign of Emperor Klong, in Klingon History."

Picard:"So they can travel about Warp 2?"

*K'larrg nods*

Picard:"Any contact with other species?"

K'larrg:"Unknown sir."

*Signal comes over the speakers*

Voice(Very Static-y):" any ships.....away ng all....."

Lt. Crusher:"Sir, it's being broadcast on all fequencies the Palona are known to use."

K'larrg:"Sounds like the Borg sir."

Picard:"But they haven't been in this sector of space since the USS Voyager returned what, 9 years ago, Number One?"

K'larrg:"10 sir. (Addressing Crusher)Lt. scan for Borg signatures in and around the Palnoa Star Group."

Lt Crusher:"Affirmitve for Borg signatures in the Plaona Star Group sir!"

Picard:"Prepare to head for the Palona Star Group, warp 8! Red Alert!"

*Short Time Later Palona Star Group*

Lt Crusher:"3 Borg Cubes, they are all focusing weapons on major sities."

*There is a flash upon the bridge, Q is standing there in an Admiral's uniform*

Piacrd:"Q, is this your doing?"

Q:"Oh, you don't see me for a few years, do I get, "Hello Q we've missed you" or, "Well Q, what have you been up to?" No, I just get blame."

K'larrg:"Q, we have no time for this!"

Q:"Ah, Comander K'larrg, at least you have a larger vocabulary than Picard's LAST Klingon."

Picard:"Q, why are you here??!"

Q:"If you insist Jean-Luc. I am NOT here for you."

*After a flash, Everybody but K'larrg and Q are standing on the bridge*

K'larrg:"I told you last time Q, I do not want to join you."

Q:"I know, but you have no idea of the future you denied yourself."

K'larrg:" never appeared at Palona...this must be a dream..."

Q:"Well you're partly right Commander, this setting is a dream."

K'larrg:"But you are real?"

Q:"As real as your so called precpetions get, o warrior K'larrg. I am here to help you."

K'larrg:"Why do I doubt that Q??!"

Q:"My motivations this time are pure Commander, or should I say Captain?"

K'larrg:"Why Q, why help?"

Q:"Your Commdore Zardoz by coming back here, has caused a fissure in our reality, the Q Continuium. Our reality is slowly ending."

K'larrg (Sarcastic):"Oh, what a loss to the universe..."

Q:"Rudeness does not become you Captain, but I guess we can chalk that up to your Klingon upbringing, such as it was. But...we need your help..."

K'larrg:"What was that Q??! Did you just ASK for something? Why not simply snap your fingers?"

Q:" powers are limited in this reality. Due to the loss of the Q Continuium..... K' people are me.....please?"

K'larrg:"As a Starfleet Captain, I am duty bound to help all who ask. But if this is one of your tricks Q, I will kill you myself...slowly. Am I understood?"

Q:"Of course!! I knew you to be a man...or rather a Klingon of honor!! See you back on the Gorkon...until then..."Sweet Dreams...."
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