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It's called Dark Skies, about the UFO scene and Majestic 12 in the '60s. And it's always a pleasure for me to see all those old cars. It was pitched to ABC, CBS, and NBC on the same day, and two of them decided to accept. NBC got it. But it only ran for one season, and Jeri Ryan joined late in the game as a regular and was only in the last eight episodes. Some complained, as they did with VOY, that she was brought in to boost sagging ratings. Wikipedia calls Dark Skies Jeri Ryan's first big break as an actress. The entire series is now on YouTube, as is UPN's Seven Days, which also had a hot babe playing a Russian scientist. In one episode of Seven Days a Russian timeship came back from the future and had LCARS-style displays. It was a Paramount production. So it was obviously reuse of something from Trek.

Also on YouTube now are [i]Galaxy Quest[/], Flight of the Navigator, Short Circuit. and many more cool things.
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