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My Analysis of Defiant Continues:

I've been doing and extensive study of Defiant trying to put a set of plans together that would actual be accurate. Today I decided to finally narrow down the ship's size.

The Problem with Defiant is that the size of the ship changes as to which ship or station it's next to. There is very little consistency from on screen to help me come to a decision. The most consistent element of Defiant is the model its self. It rare changed and when it did it was because of CGI but they all had the same elements and minute detail the same so that's where I started.

Design Intent.
Design intent is the most important aspect of deciding the size of any construction. Defiant is a warship capable of traveling across the Federation on it's own as well as "One of the most powerful warships" in the Quadrant as Dukat put it. I have a hard time believing this ship is 120 meters for that purpose. If the Federation were capable of putting the most power warship in a 120 meter package...well...there goes the neighborhood. No one should be able to contest.

-Model Structure
Defiant's model structure is odd. I'm still working on the Schematics but you can see from the below image that Defiant's top isn't flat. (That's a fact) It slopes down from the "bridge" at a 1 degree angle. Putting a Deck their would be difficult. However dropping the Deck 2 meters allows for Defiant's pecularly indention for the bridge Ring and then Deck one continues aft with out running out of head room

Center Deck
Defiant has one plane from front to back in the middle of the ship. On this plane is the Forward Torpedo Tupes and the aft impulse engines to the rear. I propose this plane is Deck 4 and so it sets the standard for Deck height on this ship which comes out to 3.5 meters *Federation Standard* This of course means that the same height is graduated to extrapolate the other Decks. It so happens that that arrangment works for Dropping Deck one to account for the slop and the trough at the bridge that dips low into the top.

Defiant's windows are odd. While I don't show the windows on the Pod or underbelly here the deck arrangement perfectly accommodates the two sets of windows lines. the only reasoning I can give for this odd window arrangement is that a couple of them are for flight control while others are for a sort of observation Deck or even visual inspection and recreational area that were deem ... too superfluous to put withing the main pressure hull. I don't number the Sub Deck a seperate deck for the second set of windows down there.

6 Decks and 226.13 Meters and the Miranda Class
This arrangement fits Five Decks between the Defiant's Center Bottom and it's top. This makes a lot of sense to me because That's the same number of Decks Miranda Class has for it's Warp Core. The Miranda Measures 277 meters long and we've seen Defiant is comparable in size to the Miranda on Screen, fits in the same Docking port as Defiant.

Miranda has always been to me the IDEAL test vehicle for Defiant's subsystems. It has a similar weapons layout for Defiant's canon's and the would also have a stunted core.

When I complete the Schematic I hope to able to COMPLETELY Design Defiant inside and out and try and fit in the Landing Gear Okuada said were there but no one else knew about aswell as the 3 shuttle bays.


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