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I like that they are using the original elements with digital recomposition and finishing, because much of the model work still isn't at all that bad.

But I can't help but also do a teensy bit of a switcheroo and take the opportunity to do some CGI alterations to some of the ship modelling scaling and get rid of the same 'Angel One' matte painting that was used as the same city about fifteen times over the run of TNG (or at least, it felt like it was used that often).

Not wholesale CGI the whole thing again, but just take the chance to do a little spring cleaning in areas that budgetary constraints meant they couldn't vary up as much the first time around.

Oh, and at least fix that idiotic blooper from 'Darmok'. For the love of anything that is precious................fix that! Even just insert a stock shot from another ep...................whatever.
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