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Originally Posted by omegaman View Post
"Khan has been at the top of the list of possible villains ever since producer Damon Lindelof revealed (in the Star Trek 2009 DVD commentary) that the team had considered adding a post-credits scene showing Khan’s sleeper ship, the SS Botony Bay."

Could be a retooling of the TOS episode, though the TOS episode would surely need to be redone if a possible remake of TWOK were to ever happen some years down the line...if ever. It WAS quite a number of years between TOS Khan and TMP Khan, so a timeline of at least 18-20 years would be needed to establish any follow-up episode/sequel.

Commenting on your post-credit ""quote" from DL...

I would say that if not Khan in ST XII, then at the end of it, during credits, having a clip of BB leaving Earth at the end of the Eugenics War(s) would be a nice teaser.
Somehow I could stomach and be somewhat interested in a remake/rewrite of the TOS episode into a movie, but still.......I think that it would take a big dose of Pepto (or a really good preview) for me to be able to really get interested. the least...Chekov would be on board the "E" this time and take care of the problem of Khan "remembering" him if a TWOK remake is
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