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Originally Posted by canadianrosey View Post
Spock marooning Kirk was a silly plot device. Nearly killing him was an emotional reaction to losing his home, most of his race, and watching his mother die just before a mouthy underling started belittling him in front of the crew. It was very captivating seeing Spock reacting like a wounded person lashing out in pain and frustration; his human nature should be explored, as well.

Not sure why you felt the need to bash Nimoy, but have it your way.
Then read again what I wrote, the Spock in the script Nimoy got to read has nothing to do with the Spock he has portrayed over years.
Spock marooning Kirk was not just a silly plot device, Spock was cool and acted like a Romulan in this scene. I don't have to quote Frost's Fire and Ice again to make my point, do I?

As you pointed out the other scene is a totally different animal because Spock loses control and resigns command after he realizes what he has done. It is only unbearable in the context of Sarek telling his son to not suppress his nasty emotions. Yeah, tell him to go ape-sh*t like your ancestors such that the audience can wonder how this fellow became more than a clerk on Vulcan.
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