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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
The Klingon homeworld could be's meant to be Class M (so that would suggest it had a variety of climate regions - thus mountains and jungle and everything inbetween should be entirely plausible) but that ENT depiction isn't at all the same as the dense and murky environment portrayed in 'Sins of the Father' etc.

Although the ENT image DOES correspond to the location of the retreat that was also mountainous in 'Rightful Heir'.

But since we don't know the Homeworld was ever actually relocated (TUC has evacuation in the 'planning' stages but it was never ever stated onscreen that was actually carried out) you could get away with a variation of environments to set as a possible Klingon Homeworld.

It's waaaaaaaaay too early to wonder. Location scouting doesn't mean it will be actually used. Iceland and Canada were location scouted for the first film and it ended up filmed all in the L.A area.
There was an obvious dramatic reason to portray Qu'onos as a murky world in the Worf-Duras arc. Same in ENT, they wanted to emphasize the Viking aspects of the Klingons. Drama is always more important than stupid visual continuity.
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