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I know Los Angeles like the back of my hand! Been here for years... there are so many Star Trek-able museums here. Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History has been undergoing massive amounts of renovation and redesign of the outside area this past year. I don't know if it is finished or not or what it will look like. Everything was torn up when I went there this summer. The Air and Space building was shut down... the California Science Center(which the A&S and natural history museum sandwiches inbetween on the same area of land) is getting the space shuttle Endeavor! They are working on fund-raising, design of the housing and display of it right now and the shuttle will be delivered next year to a huge city wide parade going from LAX to the museum, so I am not sure if they will be using that area.

LA County Museum of Art has a really neat looking Japanese Art building from inside and outside... they have also extensively renovated and expanded the museums space as a whole. There is the La Brea Tar pits upper area next door. Those two are side by side on the same land area.

Getty is a very good one too... I'm betting on that one. The clean, white, uniform yet abstract, well manicured modernist design.... the tram and tram stations on the top and bottom of the hills would make a great StarFleet headquarters/city. That's what I think all the time!
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