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Essentially, yes, these are always just lists of preferences.

The sets from the first three TOS films were relatively static and stable and it was only after that we began to get the 'change it' frenzy, so it's not impossible to do if one is suited to doing so. They have multiple options for the sequel (not the least of which if no scenes are set IN engineering then they don't have to use the locations again) depending on the content of the script.

You could add an area which functions as a 'control area' for the departments, and as Tom noted, utterly nothing shown in the film indicates such an area does not exist anyway.

It's 50/50 as to whether that location gets used again. The production was accomodated before so it can be again. If the parties agree and it's needed in the first place. Granted it's easier to product place Budweiser over the Levi's jeans placement used in TFF though. Most people might not know that was the first time product placement took place in Trek.

The sketches on a previous page though are about as generic as they come, so I could hardly wet myself over the prospect of a set being built to look like them. But then I don't particularly think most of the TNG movies set design was that hot either. Never liked the E interiors as much as the D anyway!
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