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This or changing all the interior designs between each and every movie but surely go too far. But the central engineering set from the last movie has been improvised. Seems fairly unpractical to rent a brewery every time you wanna shoot a movie just for the sake of continuity.

Furthermore the harsh difference between the brains and guts of the ship from the last movie implies more than before an emphasis of Kirk and Scotty being the kings their two realms. The decentralized nature of the brewery set isn't fit to make Scotty shine out like this, it needs to have a more centralized structure. Perhaps, as the above picture shows, not as radical as in the case of previous central engineering sets but Scotty nonetheless needs a command center, a throne.

Another point is that the characters are all adolescent. They still mature so the ship which reflects the youthful dynamism of the main characters can do the same.
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