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Originally Posted by Captain Tom Coughlin View Post
I wouldn't say that they are "our" concerns. Not everyone shares them. I think it's better to keep the established look of the ship.

I was watching the film last night on Blu-ray and (well, given that I loved the production design of the film from the moment I first saw it anyway) the depth of detail, level of scale and simple visual bang for buck that using those locations gave the film just could not be replicated by building a set or even trying to do it with CGI modelling.

It's just a look that only filming in real locations (dressed and augmented of course) gives over both of the other options. And since I'm not hankering after a severe change to the visual look of the sequel and production design I'm all for re-using the locations that worked before.

But every time I watch the film I get more impressed with the visuals and the set design work right across everything from the Enterprise to Vulcan and Delta Vega. I think they clearly used every resource that they could to put everything onto the screen. It's one of the most visually flawless films of the last couple of years.

Everything is seamless in my eyes.

I just hope that (story concerns aside) they can keep up that level of quality for the sequel and any future films after that.
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