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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I guess with his looks he would seem most open to Khan....................but it could be another character.

I dunno, somedays I have to think of the whole Khan thing from the other angle of (even though I'm sorta against it myself) why not? I mean, the Nolan Batman films have reused major characters and villains from all the films that have been seen before (Harvey Dent, The Joker, Catwoman etc) more than once in some cases. Various incarnations of Superman have reused Lex Luthor (as did the TV series) and now the upcoming Superman film will reuse General Zod again. All versions of Sherlock Holmes end up using Moriarty as well. They don't all get used exactly as they have in earlier uses, but they still get used. Because they are highly associated with the main characters of each respective character.

All to varying degrees.

Some days I do have to step back and wonder whether 'banning' the use of a character in a reboot makes any sense. If I'm gonna be fine with Klingons, what's the deal with Khan. I suppose that could be extended to concepts like TT as well. Putting their own spin on Khan may fail hugely..............or it might work depending on how they reinvent him for the film. If he's in it.

I'm mentally rambling - ignore.
I know what you're saying. It's certainly possible that they could make a kickass Khan movie. I just feel like Wrath of Khan is such a great movie that it's going to be very difficult to top, and maybe it's best not to try. It's not just one of my favorite Trek films, it's one of my favorite films of any Genre.

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