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*Nixon Engineering Minutes after Zardoz's post, away team materializes wearing Vac Suits.*

Jed Sr: "Okay team, we need to get enough power back for life support and to detach the saucer, don't worry about trying to get main power online... We wont be able to."

Lt. Tyndall: "You seem awfully sure of that."

Jed Sr: "Yes I've tried it before."

Lt. Tyndall: "Of course sir. Sorry."

Jed Sr: *Walking to a main console* "If I remember the main power reserves are still functional. Just not the warp core."

*Jed Sir opens a console and makes a few adjustments dim lights turn on a slight hum is heard, computer console beep and slowly light up.*

Lt. Tyndall: "Well back up power is restore life support is coming back up. That will make our job easier."

Jed Jr. "Everyone give me status reports on the Saucer section and the clamps."

Lt. Tyndall: "Sir it seems the saucer's impluse engines are intact. As are the clamps."

*Jed nods looking at the console the read showing life support was stable. Jed removes the helmet and runs his finger through his hair.*

Jed Sr.: "Good lets go to the bridge and begin the separation proceedure."

*Komack Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Sir your going down to the planet?"

K'larrg: "Yes."

Jed Jr: "Aye Sir, I'll keep running simulations on the plasma trying and try to get us a prediction on the interaction."

K'larrg: "Keep me posted."

Jed Jr: "Aye Sir. Be safe."

K'larrg "Engergize"

*K'largg, Crawford and the team fade from the transport pad. Jed Jr Sighs Never a dull moment he thought as he left the transporter room.
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