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Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I'd love to have your uncanny ability to lump together dozens of episodes and collectively judge them.
Of course there are good and bad time travel and holodeck stories, what else is new. But to claim that they suck in general is, well, a pretty stupid generalization.
By the way, ST09 was also a time travel story. Seems as if Trek cannot even do the most basic things like rebooting the franchise without the very sci-fi storytelling device you are so sick of.

Let me be pretty blunt, people who have issues with time travel (yeah, better don't try out Doctor Who), the holodeck, spaceships or whatever else might wanna consider to watch and read ordinary instead of science fiction.
In a way, get used to it already. I don't know why you act like it's news, or like it's just me, when there's nothing I said here that hasn't been said, by a majority of frustrated fans, ever since well before ten years ago when rumor of a TCW on the next ST series (ENT) started circulating. And nothing I haven't said myself since well before ST09, for that matter. Yes, we both know how much I think that movie 'sucks'... as well as TVH, which I've often cited as being tied with TWOK as my favorite Trek.

It is unfortunately my impression that the mediocre outweighs the good. And impression is unfortunately as good as fact, short of getting 'technical' and counting off the exact number of (in this case) good-to-bad TT eps... (which wouldn't work for me anyway, since I don't plan on ever re-watching the mediocre stuff again. That's the pesky thing about impressions: once solidified, they're pretty much impossible to be proven wrong. Everyone 'knows' Kirk is a womanizer who loves green women in particular, whereas not many people care that 'technically' Kirk often had no other (proactive) recourse but to seduce the cute chick, or that 'technically' there was only one known occasion in which the chick in question happened to be green).

If you're recycling a used idea, have the intuition to know how it will be received. More often than not, they'll forgive you if you've got the goods. But if you lack intuition and need to get technical ("well, I show it's been at least [x] number of eps since our last TT story, so 'maybe' we haven't burned it out yet, and we all know how much the fans love those anyway..." [yeah, they love them because that's what you keep spoon-feeding them]), then the odds are probably already 50/50 against you having the goods... and if you didn't have them then the idea is, in fact, burned out.

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