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Originally Posted by FireDevlin View Post
All I am worried about is if the story has any real meat and quality to it this time. Who the "villan" or "bad guys" are is a bit secondary to me. Action packed, less story is fun, but I could care less who is on the revieving end on some photon torpedoes. And as far as ST09 getting Klingons right, I see that as not alot of evidence they would get them right this time. I mean, they did end up on the cutting room floor.

What Klingon would allow that? =)
I totally agree, what matters most is that the story is good.

About the Klingons, if I remember correctly the problem of the interrogation scene has is that it reveals Nero's motives too early in the story. So perhaps the scene has been cut out because of that and not because they have been unhappy with the Klingons?
In my opinion the little we saw of them indicated that they are kind of a mixture of the previous two versions of Klingons, cunning and brutal at the same time.
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