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I don't think that time travel is a concept that sucks (I agree with Horatio's original point about it's use though it's fair to say there is good, bad and awful uses of it beyond that)..................but.................I wholeheartedly think Star Trek milked that cow dry.

Using it to tell a great story is one thing, relying on it like a crutch is totally another, especially when there's nothing interesting being done with it, like the TCW. Personally, I would have also preferred no time travel in the last film, but I accept the use of it as a means to an end.

I don't think every Star Trek film needs to have time travel in it, and certainly not two in a row. So, I think it needs to be rested for a couple of films at least.

Good (even outstanding) science fiction also doesn't need time travel as a critical component, so folks can read or watch tons of science fiction that doesn't even remotely involve time travel to tell it's story.
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