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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
Great. What about the rest of the times it's been featured on ST, particularly over the last two TV series? Last time 'I' checked, the majority of ST fans were as sick of time travel as they were of the holodeck. Although maybe they had since forgotten how sick they were. Selective amnesia is such a phenomenal thing.
I'd love to have your uncanny ability to lump together dozens of episodes and collectively judge them.
Of course there are good and bad time travel and holodeck stories, what else is new. But to claim that they suck in general is, well, a pretty stupid generalization.
By the way, ST09 was also a time travel story. Seems as if Trek cannot even do the most basic things like rebooting the franchise without the very sci-fi storytelling device you are so sick of.

Let me be pretty blunt, people who have issues with time travel (yeah, better don't try out Doctor Who), the holodeck, spaceships or whatever else might wanna consider to watch and read ordinary instead of science fiction.
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