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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
I missed that. I'm totally cool with it though, in fact it's quite a relief. I'm sick of time travel, and too often ST hasn't done it right. Time travel should only be used at this point if it's to blow up the ST canon and piss lots of people off. No reason now to do it again.
Hasn't done it right?
Time travel has been used in TVH, FC and ST09. Last time I checked they are all popular movies. On the small screen supreme stories City on the Edge of Forever, Time Squared, Yesterday's Enterprise, The Visitor and Year of Hell come to mind.

Since the days of H.G. Wells time travel has been a classical sci-fi what-if storytelling gadget. The beauty of sci-fi are its extended story-telling possibilities. I fail to see the point of self-castration in this instance.

About "blowing up the canon", ST09 is a semi-reboot. Barely audible explosions.
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