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*During Roysten's Post-Gorkon Bridge*

Kl'arrg:"More than one ship? Mr Jeggins, could there be a cloaked vessel?"

Jed Jr:"Possible sir, but not likely. Cloaking device was never invented here, or so my father used to say."

Smith:"I have Unix 3321 in our range, sir."

K'larrg:"Well done again Lt. You are aquitting yourself well as an offcier."

Crawford:"Flattery now Captain?"

K'larrg:"Doctor, is there a MEDICAL reason you are on my bridge?"

Crawford:"Since it seems you are bent staying here, my presence could be quite needed, sir."

*K'larrg Glares*

Jed Jr:"Sir, I think we can get into orbit around Unix 3321."

K'larrg:"Mr Jones, you heard the engineer."

Jones:"Trying to establish standard orbit of Unix 3321...orbit achived."

K'larrg:"Any life signs?"

Smith:"Inconclusive sir. The plasma storms are making readings unreliable at best."

K'larrg(Standing):"Then I shall lead an away team, Smith, Jeggins, Jones, you are with me."

Crawford:"Excuse me Captain, but isn't Starfleet regulations very clear on the Captain leading an away team?"

K'larrg:"Since we lack a First Officer, there is no choice. Or, is this an feeble attempt to get on teh away team?"

Crawford:"Someone is going to have to stuch you back togeter sir."

*K'larrg Laughs*

K'larrg:"Come along Doctor, you are on the away team."

*Cardassin Sector-USS Rodenberry-Bridge*

Cadet Smithers:"Commdore, we have a powerless Galaxy Class ship dead ahead."

Jed Sr:"That would be the Nixon."

Zardoz:"Get an away team ready Jed, we need to power up that ship long enough to get that saucer section."
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