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(Gorkon Ready Room - K'larrg is stood at the window with his arms folded behind his back, bright sporadic flashes illuminate the room every so often followed by a slight rumble as a shockwave travels through the ship. We can't stay here too long he mused. Walking to his desk he opens a channel to engineering.)

K'larrg: "Progress Mr Jeggins?"

Jed Jr: "We're almost there sir, I have to warn you though, it'll blow out some systems if the storm sends the plasma back at us."

K'larrg: "Indeed, a risk it is. That plasma will also be a danger to them as well, there is potential here to use it defensively and offensively. Can you plot the currents in the storm?"

Jed Jr: "Well, we can try sir but they're very unpredictable, perhaps for a few dozen kilometres, then there are too many variables to consider."

K'larrg: "There's a Klingon saying... every edge of a knife you sharpen is an edge given to a warrior in battle."

Jed Jr: "Ha, we have a similar saying Sir."

K'larrg: "Then its meaning is not lost on you Commander. Give us that edge. K'larrg out." (As he closed the channel the ship rocked again, more violently than before, the flash that lit up the area around him wasn't the familiar orange either. With a frown he returned to the bridge.) "Report!"

Smith: "Sir, they're dropping gravitic mines, I think randomly, but that shock we just felt was caused by an explosion 25 kilometres to port."

K'larrg: "How many mines are we talking about here?"

Smith: "It's impossible to be sure, we can only detect them once we're right on top of them, a ship like that could carry dozens, maybe even a hundred."

K'larrg: "Keep your eyes sharp helm, don't get too close." (The young crewman at the helm gave a nervous nod and stared diligently at the proximity sensors.)

Smith: "Sir, I have an idea."

K'larrg: "You have my attention."

Smith: "If we remote fly a shuttle ahead of us a few kilometres then we can better map the space in front of the ship and see any mine with enough time to change heading. If it got destroyed it wouldn't give them an accurate fix on us as we'd be way behind."

K'larrg: "Ha, you have the tactical mind of a seasoned High Council Member. Make it happen." (Smith nodded and moved to a console at the rear of the bridge to relay the necessary orders. At the same time Crawford stepped back onto the bridge, limping across to the chair to K'larrgs left.) "Are you injured doctor?"

Crawford: "Not really, just a damned dead leg from the rocking this ship has been doing, can't you keep things steady? I've got nurses with laser scalpels trying to patch people up, last thing we need is more knocks."

K'larrg: "That was your idea Doctor, perhaps a knock to your thin skull made you forget that. As for these knocks, if we hit one of these gravitic mines you'll be feeling much larger ones I can assure you."

Crawford: "Mines! This just keeps getting better and better. The tour for the Admiralty is starting to sound a lot better."

K'larrg: "Make sure you remember saying that as I'm going to make sure it's you giving most of it!" (Crawford fell silent and stared at the maelstrom on the viewscreen. K'larrg grew irritated and frowned, clenching his fist till he heard his bones crack.) "Is there a purpose to you entering my bridge? Or are you just here to watch me?"

Crawford: "What? Oh yes." (Lowering his voice) "I'm not sure where it's coming from sir, but there's a metagenic field in this version of the badlands that's affecting the crew, there aren't any symptoms yet, but in a few hours people will start to fall ill, it attacks the cellular structure, we can expect hemorrhaging of the capillaries in our eyes, skin, internal bleeding, then our organs will start to fail, then we'll..."

K'larrg: "I get the picture. We have to leave long before then anyway, that same field is attacking the ships systems, we're already seeing failures in certain sub-systems and random errors in the computer. If that ship out there wasn't enough our own ship is going to fail us before long."

Crawford: "Or our bodies."

K'larrg: "If it came to that I'd much rather face them head on and leave this pit of Gre'thor."

Crawford: "So we can all die a stereotypical warriors death."

K'larrg: "Your attitude offends me doctor, I see it as a chance to live. And live I intend to do, we still have our mission."

Crawford: "Correction. We still have your mission."

K'larrg: "Do not test me Doctor, I am willing to ignore your attitude on the basis that your brain may be starting to bleed. Do not make me cause external hemorrhaging to your scruffy frame." (Before Crawford could respond Smith cut in.)

Smith: "Shuttle is away sir, I have remote control of it from here. I'm positioning it exactly 10 kilometres off our bow."

K'larrg: "Excellent. Do we have telemetry yet?"

Smith: "Just a second... yes, between us and the shuttle we can now map a fair area ahead and to both sides. Our sensors must be damaged sir as the shuttle has much better range then we do."

K'larrg: "That is likely to be the system faults, no doubt they will affect the shuttle in time."

Crawford: "Good thing we have a few spare."

K'larrg: "If the remote system goes down we can send you out there, I hear you've had some pilot training."

Crawford: "In space, not tomato soup."

K'larrg: "I'm sure you're a quick learner Doctor."

Smith: "Sir, I've noticed something interesting."

K'larrg: "What is it?"

Smith: "It's the mines sir, from their position, rotation and relative motion we can tell roughly where the Klingon ship was, how fast it was moving and when it was that it launched each mine."

K'larrg: "Good work Smith, you'll rise the ranks quicker then an ambitious Klingon who knifes with commanding officers in the back."

Smith: "Indeed sir, we should be able to track them..."

K'larrg: "I'm sensing a but Lieutenant?"

Smith: "Well sir, the mines, there's three sets of them ahead, from their position they were laid 7, 9 and 12 minutes ago respectively."

K'larrg: "Your point?"

Smith: "Well, one of them is a trail we've been avoiding for the last 10 minutes, another comes a bearing of 115 mark 12 and the other comes from 034 mark 176."

K'larrg: "Again, your point Lieutenant?"

Smith: "These mines can't have all be laid by the same ship. Sir, there's more than one enemy laying mines here."
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