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*Gorkon Ready Room-Some Moments after Jed's Post-Jed and K'larrg are talking.*

Jed Jr:"It's risky, but could help hide us further."

K'larrg:"So Commander, allow me to get this strieght, you want to vent drive plasma into a severe pre existing plasma storm on the bsis it "might" work?"

Jed Jr:"Sir, it's only a matter of time before they find us. No tatical, no sheilds, we would be targets."

K'larrg:"But what you fail to relaize is now the odds are even Commander. They are as vunerable as we are. If I was their Commander, I would back off knowing we will not be moving, and coem back with more ships."

Jed Jr:"Hmmm yes, if these were Klingons of our universe sir, then you'd be 100% right. But these are more like humans, if what my father told me is true."

K'larrg:"So you belive they will stay, and continue the search?"

Jed Jr:"I would sir."

K'larrg:"I see. Prepare you idea Commander, but let us keep it as a last resort...for now. Ship's status otherwise?"

Jed Jr:"Even with all these upgrades, the plasma storms are playing havoc with our EPS systems, and SIF systems, sir."

K'larrg:"How long can we stay in here Commander?"

Jed Jr:"Unless we can enter orbit of a planet in, or out, of the badlands, I'd say about 2 hours, sir."

K'larrg:"Commdore Zardoz would know that...and use it. (Opens Comm Channel)Captain to tatical."

Smith(On Comm):"Yes sir."

K'larrg:"Pull up the maps of the Badlands, are there any class M planets near our postion?"

Smith:"If this universe is the same, then there is Unix 3321, about 40 mins from our present postion at full impulse, sir."

K'larrg:"Wasn't Unix 3321 a Marquis stronghold at one time?"

Jed Jr:"According to my father, the Maquis never existed here. Should be uninhabited, if it's there sir."

K'larrg:"Can you get us there with computer driven map control?"

Smith:"Engsin Jones says he can do it, sir. No problem."

K'larrg:"Then execute at once, Captain out."

Jed Jr:"How do you know sir, they won't be waiting there?"

K'larrg:"I don't Commander, but we have very little choice at the present."

*Starkiller Drydock*

Alt Jed:"The KFS Ship Exporer reports they have lost the Gorkon for now, but it's due to the loss of tatical and sheilds in the Badlands sir."

Zardoz:"Not to worry, they have baout 2 hours beforev they have to leave, K'larrg should know that. We'll be waiting."

Alt Jed:"To destory them, Sir?"

Zardoz:"No...we'll take their ship. It will make the transwarp bubble much more stable, and restore both these realites."

Jed Sr:"Having that ship would make it easier."

Zardoz:"Where did we find that replacemenmt saucer section for our Gorkon when we were here?"

Jed Sr:"Cardassian sector, it came off the destoryed ISS Nixon."

Zardoz:"Oh yes!! Now I remember! Can you and Jed take the Roddenberry and bring it back?"

Alt Jed:"There's a REPLACEMENT saucer section for our ship???!!!! WOW...sirs....!!"

Jed Sr:"Yep, and it'll be alot easier this time with the Roddenberry to help tow it."

Zardoz:"Good, go and bring it back. I think having two Gorkons might be useful."
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