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*Starkiller Dry Dock a few minutes after Zardoz Post."

Jed Sr: "They went into the badlands?"

Zardoz: "Im not surprised."

Alt Jed: "Sorry this is all just really strange to me."

Jed Sr: "Yea I remember feeling that way."

*They begin walking toward a turbo lift*

Jed Sr: "We have a plan to correct all that has occured here and some bad things that will occur."

Alt Jed: "Like what?"

Zardoz: "We can't say if we fail in our plans we dont want to corrupt the time line any more than we already have."

*Gorkon Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Keep trying to our system online. I have a feeling that we still might have a fight on our hands."

Kusto: "It would seem that way."

Ensign: "Sir I've been thinking about the plasma storms in the Badlands. If we can emit some of our own plamsa we could effectivally cloak ourselves."

Jed Jr: "That could be dangerous but it could keep us safe for a short while, Ensign get some data and run a simulation I need proof we wont burn out selves up with that trick before I present to the Captain."
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