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*USS Gorkon-Bridge*

Smith:"Sir, power had been rerouted to Impulse systems."

K'larrg:"Full Impusle into the Badlands, Engsin."

*The ship lurches forward awkwardly.*

Smith:"But sir, our sheilds, and tatical, will be usueless."

K'larrg:"Then the odds will be even."

*The Gorkon Enters the Badlands, soon followed by the Explorer*

*FKS Explorer-Bridge*

Klong:"How did they get Impulse???"

K'nara:"They rerouted life support...."

Klong:"How is that even possible? Quick, follow them!!!"

*The Explorer surges forward at full impulse*

K'nara:"Sir, we have lost sheilds and tataical!"

Klong:"Of course...they want us to follow them..."
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