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*Gorkon Engineering*

Jed Jr: "Of course he knew how to hit us, he designed most of the equipment in here."

Kusto: "Well we're sitting ducks now."

Jed Jr: "Captian, I have a way to get us either weapons and sheild or Impluse, warp is out. I can't do both so either we can shoot back and sit here or we can run."

K'largg: (Via Comm): "How long untill we can get all systems back up.?"

Jed Jr: "If I do nothing and focus on repairs and a cold restart 1 hour minimum."

K'largg: "And with the other options?"

Jed Jr: "If we fight and can't move we wont last long. If we run and can get away from them I could try get power back back up while we're running but it would take longer."

K'largg: "So either fight and die like warriors..."

Jed: (Cutting him off) "Or Play it smart and live to fight another day."

K'largg: "Lay and wait for a better chance?"

Jed: "Give me time to find out what they did to us so I can make sure they dont do it again. Then we'll be able to fight like true Warriors." Jed was hopping it would be enough to keep the captians warrior mentality at bay long enough for a fair fight if it came to that.

K'Largg: "Fighting in fight you know you will lose but gains you nothing isn't honorable."

Jed: "My thoughts exactly."

K'Largg: "OK We'll see what our visitors have to say then."

Jed: "Good I'll ready our impulse engines so we can follow them. Jed Out."

*Jed turns to his team.* "OK team we're not going to die to day. I want any records or scan from the time of the power loss, I want a report from each of your stations. I need to know what they did. Kusto, You and I are going to route power from life support and the back up batteries to get the ship moving again."

Kusto: "Using Lifesupport and battery power wouldn't have lasted long on the weapons and shields. Gutsy move telling the captian that."

Jed Jr: "Well it worked. Lets go."

*Jed and Kusto begin rerouting power*
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