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*During Crawford's Post-Federated Klingon Fleet ship-Explorer-Lead Ship*

Captain Klong:"Open a channel to the other Gorkon."

Commander G'rethor:"Channel open, sir."

*K'larrg Appears on the screen.*

Klong:"Gorkon, I Captain Klong, in the name of the Federated Klingon Worlds, I am asking you to power down, and be escorted to Starkiller Dry Dock."

K'larrg:"Somehow, I dount your "sincerity" Captain. I am Captain K'larrg, commander of the USS Gorkon. I have no wish to fire upon you, but this vessel will defend itself, if you wish to do battle."

Klong:"Battle?? Why? We only wish to talk Captain K'larrg."

Smith:"5 mins. to Badlands Boarder, sir"

K'larrg:"Increase speed Mr. Smith."

Klong:"You leave us with no choice, Commander, tirun on the inhibitor."

*With the tap of a pannel, the Gorkon is only left with emergency lighting and life support."

K'larrg:"In the name of Khaless!! REPORT!!"

Smith:"Sir, we are powerless, except for life support, and emergeny lighting."

K'larrg:"I should have known....(Opens channel) Bridge to engineering."

Jed (On Comm):"Jeggins here, I know what your going to ask sir. And, no we have't figured it out how they did it."

K'larrg:"Would your father know how to disbale us this way?"

Jed:"Yes, to be honest sir."

K'larrg:"Can you find a countermeasure, Commander? We cannot allow this ship to be taken by them."

*Starkiller Dry Dock-Same Time*

Zardoz:"Did it work?"

Young Jed Sr:"It did, sir."

*Older Jed Sr. Walks in*

Older Jed Sr:"Was I ever that young?"

Young Jed Sr:"In the name of all that's's true.....all of it."

Zardoz:"I am afraid it is Jed. We are here to get you, and the orignal Gorkon, home, instead of being trapped here for years."

Older Jed Sr:"Remember that transwarp experiement you tried, Jed?"

Young Jed Sr:"Sure, it was only a few weeks ago. It resulted in Admiral Zardoz's shuttle disappearing, probbaly forever."

Older Jed Sr:"Yes, and then you...I mean we abandoned it. But what if I told you that is your ticket home?"

Young Jed Sr:"Love to hear that one...Jed?"

Older Jed Sr:"Call me Jeggins...for now."
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