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(The Gorkon continues to cruise at maximum warp, on the bridge the tension has risen somewhat as the prospect of having to fire on another Federation starship begins to sink into the crew. In engineering Jed finds he can't look at the Plaque of his mothers name as he wonders what she'd think of father having to fight son, and whose side would she be at, Jed couldn'thelp but conclude that it wouldn't be at his. On the bridge Crawford was pacing up and down the lower circle much to K'larrgs annoyance.)

K'laarg: "Doctor, sit down or I will break your legs."

Crawford: "This is a dangerous place, we're going to get ourselves killed."

K'larrg: "And be quiet as well, you're making the junior officers nervous."

Crawford: "The..." (With a growl K'larrg cuts Crawford off.)

K'larrg: "I won't tell you again." (Without another word Crawford sits in the seat next to K'larrg muttering to himself.)

Smith: "Captain, I'm detecting Deep Space... I mean the Omara base ahead. There's also..." (Smith paused.)

K'larrg: "You were saying Lieutentant?"

Smith: "Sir I'm detecting dozens of Klingon ships around the station, in orbit of Bajor and in the surrounding space, B'rel class birds of prey, Vorcha class cruisers and also several Negvar class battleships. It's an armada sir."

K'larrg: "Crawford, what is that fleet? Why is it there?"

Crawford: "That fleet is our worst nightmare sir, we can't follow the Roddenberry in now, please say there's no honour in suicide."

(The Roddenberry was now in orbit, flanked by several Klingon ships but apparently in no immediate danger. On the bridge Zardoz received another hail from the younger Jed Sr.)

yJed Sr: "Captain... other Zardoz, we're detecting another starship in the region, we read it as the Gorkon, what are trying to pull? What are you hiding from us?"

Zardoz: "Please Jed, that ship is also from our time, they followed us in and are trying to stop us, they're not stupid, they won't come in all guns blazing."

yJed Sr: "Your arrival has already complicated matters, another ship with an unknown agenda is just creating more uncontrolled variables that we don't need right now. You of all people must know how critical this time is."

Zardoz: "I do, that is why I am here, you have to trust me."

yJed Sr: "I do, but there's more than one person who has command over events here. The other ship is to be captured, if they resist they will have to be destroyed. As for you, we need to talk face to face, beam over to..."

Zardoz: "Please Jed, don't destroy the Gorkon, they're a good crew and... and your son is onboard." (Jed's face darkened, he turned away for a moment not sure what to do, then looked back at the screen with a hard look in his eyes.)

yJed Sr: "You've brought this on us, there's no time, we can't take the risk, he isn't my son, my son is counting on me to get this right. Beam over to my location Zardoz. The fate of the other ship is out of my hands, don't mention it further." (The screen blinked off and Zardoz sighed.)

Cadet Jones: "Sir should we help the Gorkon?"

Zardoz: "They chose their fate cadet, I only hope the Great Bird guides them to a safe retreat out of harms way."

(The Gorkon dropped out of warp just outside the Bajoran system, the ship turned into a low orbit of one of the larger objects in the Bajoran Oort cloud.)

Smith: "Our signature should be obscured by the high magnetic metal content of these Oort objects sir."

Crawford: "Doesn't matter, they'll blast these little asteroids and swarm us."

K'larrg: "Any readings from the Roddenberry?"

Smith: "They're in orbit, their shields are down, looks like they're with friends."

K'larrg: "Looks like Zardoz got to where he wanted to be. Now we just have to stop him before he makes his move."

Crawford: "And how are we supposed to do that? Waltz in and ask nicely, then he'll say why K'larrg I've seen the light, lets go home and forget this ever happened., and all the while the Klingon ships will do a dance for us and light the way back to the anomaly with fireworks." (K'larrg didn't know whether to strike Crawford or laugh, but an alarm grabbed his attention.)

K'larrg: "Report!"

Smith: "Several Klingon vessels have broken away from the inner system and are heading this way at high warp, they'll be here in a matter of seconds."

Crawford: "We can lose them in the Badlands, it's a much better hiding place then these damned floating rocks."

K'larrg: "That's the first sensible thing you're said all day. Helm, get us to the Badlands, maximum warp!"
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