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*During Jed's Post*

Jed:"We can stop that sir..."

K'larrg:"I see no reason not to. "Casey" will be fine. Please report to the bridge as soon as your duites allow Commander."

Jed:"Will do sir, engineering out.

K'larrgTurning to Smith)"Proceed on pursuit course Engsin, Maximum warp."

Smith:"Yes sir, course plotted, and laid in."


*The Gorkon surges ahead at warp 9.99999 as Jed enters the Bridge*

Jed:"Reporting as ordered sir."

K'larrg:"As you may know, Klingons value family highly."

Jed(Puzzled):"Ok, sir. But what does this have to do with the mission?"

K'larrg:"Since there may be combat, I am offering you the chance to, "Sit this mission out" as one of my instructors used to say."

Jed:"Are you releiving me of duty sir?"

K'larrg:"Not at all Commander. I am permitting you to releive yourself, so you do not have to possibly fight your own father."

Jed:"Sir, with all due respect, I a Starfleet officer first. Also, your going to need what I know about my father to end this as peacefully as possible."

K'larrg(Thinking for a second before answering):"Can you destory the Roddenberry, if it comes to that Commander?"

Jed:"Yes, my first loyalty is to this ship and Starfleet. In fact sir, you insult me by insinuating otherwise."

K'larrg(Slight laugh):"I do belive there is some Klingon in you Commander. Please take your station."

*USS Roddenberry-Bajoran Sector-Alternate Universe*

Smithers:"Sir...this is odd...."

Zardoz:"What is it Cadet?"

Smithers:"I am reading Bajor as a planet...but no Bajorans."

Cadet Jones:"Confiormed sir."

Jed Sr.:"Scan the station in orbit around Bajor, Cadet Jones."

Jones:"Sir...I am reading the...Gorkon???"

Jed Sr.:"That's ok Cadet, we should be."

Jones:"She is mising her saucer section....sir there's a dry dock facility next to the station!!! Reading hundreds of life forms...and Klingon vessels!!"

Zardoz:"Frak!! We're here too early!!"

Jed Sr:"Not by much. Cadet Jones, try hailing the station, use alpha baker fequency."

Jones:"Sir, that fequency has never been used by Starfleet, are you sure?"

Jed Sr:"I am sure, just do it Cadet."

Jones (Suprised):"Getting a responce sir."

Zardoz:"On screen."

*The image of a much younger Jed Sr appears on the screen.*

Younger Jed Sr:"This is Fleet Captain Jeggins of the Federated Klingon fleet, please state your purpose (Then he sees Zardoz) Captain!! Er...I mean Admiral...where in the name of the great bird did you find that ship??!"

Zardoz:"Jed, this will be a tad hard to belive. But I am not your Zardoz, I am from quite a bit in the future."

Younger Jed Sr:"In this universe, I'll belive just about anything. Power down your weapons, and enter orbit. The Klingon vessel Freedom will then escort you to our dock facility. If you do not do as I have laid out sir, we will destory you as per standing orders."

*The screen goes blank*

Zardoz:"I remember giving those orders, so long ago. (Turning to Smith) Do as the fleet Captan has requested."

Smith:"Weapons offline, sir."

Zardoz:"Bring us into standard orbit of Bajor."

Smith:"Orbit established, sir."

*The screen flairs to life again, a Klingon in a simple tunic appears*

Klang:"I am Commader Klang of the Federated Klingon Fleet ship Freedom. It is good to see you again Admiral Zardoz, no matter what time you hailed from."

Zardoz:"Klang, I never thought I'd see you again. The pleasure is all mine."

Klang:"Please follow us at 2500 KPH to Starkiller Dry Dock."
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