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(During Zardoz Post)

*Rodenberry - Jed Sr. stands looking at the forward screen. Lost in thought.*

Jed: "I can't beleive we're back here... Can we actually pull this off?"

Zardoz: "We've been planning this for years, we can correct this."

Jed: "Yea..."

*Jed Sr. Again gets lost in memories. Her eyes, her hair.*

(15 Minutes after Zardoz's Post Gorkon Engineering)

Jed Jr: "Give me some good news."

Kusto: "Good news is we just about have the crystals realigned."

Jed Jr: "Great news! Soon we can go after the Rodenberry and try to get back home."

Kusto: "Do we know why they came here?"

Jed Jr: "I know it was hard on my father to leave so many behind and they cuased a lot of changes here."

Kusto: "So you think they are planning to set things right?"

Jed: "Yes."

Kusto: "So do we help them or stop them."

*Jed's eyes fall on the warp core for a moment he turns back to Kusto not wanting him to notice*

Jed: "I dont know."

*Another engineer comes up to them.*: "Jeggins, sir, we have realigned the Crystals."

Jed: "Great!" *Taps Comm* "Jeggins to Bridge, Casey is ready sir!"

K'larrg *Via Comm*: "Who is Casey?"

Jed: "Sorry Sir, that nick name the guys have given to the Warp Core."

K'larrg "Named after your mother? Interesting."
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