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*About 15 mins. After Jed's Post-Ready Room-USS Gorkon-K'larrg, Jed Jr, Crawford are in confrence*

Jed:"Sir, surely you understand I had no knowelege of this."

K'larrg:"I did not think you did, Engineer. What is the current ship's status?"

Jed:"Impulse is back online, as you know. Most ship's systems have been restored. Warp drive is prooving to be bit of an issue."

K'larrg:"How so?"

Jed:"Whatever we passed through put the Dilithuum matrix out of aligment, even at that sir, we should have warp back within 30-35 mins."

K'larrg:"Well done, Commander. (Turning to Crawford) Casualties Doctor?"

Crawford:"Minor bumps and bruises, Captain."

K'larrg:"Good. (turning back to Jed) Do we still have a fix on the Roddenberry?"

Jed:"Yes sir. They are still on course 312, Mark 32, at warp 6."

K'larrg:"Warp 6? They do not seem to be in a hurry."

Carwford:"That course sounds familiar...very familiar."

K'larrg:"Anything you can remember would help in this situation Doctor."

Crawford:"That's it!! They are headed for Omara base!!"

K'larrg:"Is Omara not the El Aurian word for "Home?"

Carwford:"Captain Zardoz named it, it's known as Deep Space 9 in our universe. In this universe, there are no Bajorains living anymore, or Cardassians for that matter."

K'larrg:"Interesting, thank you Doctor. When we have warp drive back online, we will follow a pursuit course at maxium warp, and catch the Roddenberry."
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