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*Gorkon Engineering Jed and his team work to restore all systems*

Jed: "Check those Conduits! Nelson I need that status report! Kusto how are the sheilds? Warp Core is intact... should have full power for warp."

Kusto: "Sheilds were unaffected."

Nelson: "It looks like the anomaly just caused a temporary electical malfunctions most system are comming back on their own. We should have full impulse back in 5 minutes."

Jed: *Via Comm to bridge* We should have full impulse back now, Im working on stabalizing the warp field might take about an hour."

K'largg (Comm): "Make it faster if possible"

Jed: "Working on it sir."

K'largg (Comm): "Sensor report they went to Warp."

Jed: "I'll get us after as soon as possible. We should be able to catch up to them. We do have the new Mark 16 we can sustain Warp 9 alot longer than them."

K'largg (Comm over all ship): "All departments report for a meeting in 15 minutes."

Jed: "Kusto! I need to take over on getting back up for Warp. I have something I need to do before the meeting."

*Jed heads over to a console pulling the long range sensors he makes a few adjustments then a yellow blip appears on the screen he labels it the Roddenberry.*
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