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(Bridge of the Gorkon - As the ship got closer to the anomaly it began to shake, Crawford gripped onto the back of the arch behind K'larrg on the bridge. Outside the ship small asteroids began speeding towards the anomaly which then became engulfed in the light. From the viewscreen however it seemed to grow smaller.)

Smith: "Sir the anomaly is destabilising!"

K'larrg: "Stay with it helm! Full impulse power, the Fek'lar himself will not keep us away!"

Crawford: "Captain K'larrg, are you insane? First we responded to a distress call and now we're following a rogue Starship into that anomaly!"

K'larrg: "Dr! I appreciate officers who speak their minds but talk like that to me again on my bridge and I'll throw you out the nearest airlock! Yes we are following them, they cannot be allowed to do what they're doing, you know what better than most what it would mean." (Crawford fell silent, he lurched to the side as the ship rocked in the shock waves emanating from the rift in front of them.)

Smith: "We're going to make it, but only just, the worst of this ride is yet to come."

K'larrg: "Bridge to all hands, stand ready, we are about to enter the anomaly." (The rocking was now so bad that Crawford could barely stand, he staggered round and slumped in the chair next to K'larrg, quietly he turned to K'larrg.)

Crawford: "I hope you know what you're doing."

K'larrg: "Have more faith doctor, and hold your tongue unless you have something productive to say." (At the moment the ship reached the anomalies outer edge, conduits blew out on the bridge and lights flickered on and off. Crewman were thrown from their stations and sparks flew from several consoles. Almost as soon as it began the rocking subsided and there was an odd silence. After a few seconds the ambient noise of the bridge life support came back on along with several consoles and most of the lights, Crawford lifted his head and coughed, looking round he saw most of the crew present on the bridge were at their stations.)

K'larrg: "Are you quite alright Doctor?"

Crawford: "I'll live, but that little joy ride may mean we see a repeat of my dinner. Are you hurt?"

K'larrg: "No, but please make yourself useful and check the bridge staff for injuries." (Crawford stood to attend to injuries, feeling decidedly queasy.) "Bridge to engineering, what's our status?"

Jed: "Quite a few systems were knocked out by the anomaly sir, but nothing is too damaged, most systems are coming back online as we speak."

Smith: "Sir I only have partial sensors, the Roddenberry is still in range, but they're moving away, they'll be out of sensor range in a few second."

K'larrg: "Mr Jeggins we need full capabilities, as soon as possible! Helm pursuit course, hail the Roddenberry!"

Jones: "We have only one third impulse power sir, they're still pulling away."

Smith: "They are ignoring our hails sir."

K'larrg: "Open a channel."
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