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*During All Posts-USS Roddenberry-Bridge-Jed Sr, and Commdore Zardoz speak*

Jed Sr:"We've blanketed the area with simulated Disruptor fire. Starfleet will think it was the Breen."

Zardoz(Talking Low):"Jed, I made a promise to you, Casey, and the crew in that alternate universe."

Jed Sr(Talking Low):"A promise we wil keep, sir."

Cadet:"Commdore, with all due respect, why are making it look like the Breen attcked us?"

Jed Sr:"Cadet, you don't question your Commanding officer like that."

Cadet:"I meant no disrespect Captain, Commdore."

Zardoz(Smiling):"Remind you of anybody?"

Jed Sr:"All too much."

Zardoz:"If this addresses your concerns Cadet, we are on a secret mission. No, I cannot tell you anything about it."

*Cadet nods and returns to his duites.*

Jed Sr(Whispering):"You know Starfleet might have already detected what we've done, and dispatched a ship."

Zardoz(Whispering):"The only ship in range is the Gorkon, and she's not ready to leave dock for days yet. Is the deflector ready to open the portal?"

Jed Sr:"It's as close as we'll ever get to what happned to us in the Bajoran systems all those years ago. So yes, it's ready."

Zardoz:"Then let's go save our freinds."

*USS Gorkon-Bridge-Edge of the Noraox System*

K'larrg:"Any responce from the Roddenberry?"

Engsin Smith (At tatical):"None sir, but the area around Noraox 3 is bombarded with Disrutor fire. It could be making communications difficult for them."

K'larrg:"Disruptor? That narrows it to Klingon, Breen, and Romulan. Take us in Mr. Jones, towards Noraox 3."

Engsin Jones (at helm):"Going in 1/2 impulse, heading, Noraox 3."

Smith:"Sir, the diruptor fire reads Breen...but, this is odd sir."

K'larrg:"Care to elaborate Mr. Smith?"

Smith:"The Disruptor fire is there, but there is no sign of Breen vessels. Or, any traces of vessels besides the Roddenberry, and us sir."

K'larrg:"That is odd. Red alert, sheilds and weapons!"

*Red alert Klaxon sounds*

Smith:"We are at red sir, weapons and sheilds online."

Jones:"I am getting a severe gravometric and chronotonic disruption from the orbit of Noraox 3, sir!! We are being pulled!!!"

K'larrg:"FULL REVERSE!!"

Jones:"We are currently holding postion sir, but not for long."

Smith:"I have the sourse's the Roddenberry!!"

K'larrg (Suprised):"Could they be trapped by this....annomoly?"

Smith:"No sir, they are creating it!!"

K'larrg:"Why by Khaless' beard would they do that....unless..Mr. Smith, pull up the Gorkon's logs, fidn any instace of an annomoly like this."

Jones:"Sir, we are moving forward again...towards the annomoly."

K'larrg:"Then use warp power to hold us here, Engsin!"

Smith:"Sir, this annomoly is almost exactly like the one encountered in the Bajoran system during Commdore Zardoz's command."

K'larrg:"They are trying to cross universes?"

Smith:"Seems like it sir. Incoming message from the Roddenberry, it's the Commdore!"


*Commdore Zardoz appears onscreen*

Zardoz:"Captain, you need to get the Gorkon out of this system, immediately."

K'larrg:"I respectfully decine, Commdore. I request you stop whatever it is you are doing. It will not save your old crew, and you'll put innocent cadets in harm's way."

Zardoz:"You don't understand, we can save them, and repair the damage we caused."

K'larrg:"You are leaving me with no choice Commdore. I have no wish to fire on a Federation vessel, but I will, if you make me."

Smith:"Sir!! Our tatical systems just went down!!"

K'larrg:"Get engineering on it!! Commdore, for the last time, please stop this!"

Zardoz:"Too late Captain...too late..."

Smith:"Sir, the Roddenberry is...gone..."

K'larrg:"What are the dangers of following them?"

Smith:"I have no idea sir, that annomoloy is unknown."

K'larrg:"Prepare log bouy and launch, then we shall follow them!!"
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