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(Gorkon Engineering)

*The Warp Core thrums with power as they speed to the rescue of the Rodenberry. It took a second for Jed to remember his father was on that ship. Now it had just gotten personal. Jed scanned the room looking for Kusto. He was standing in front of the warp core read out checking over the numbers Jed walked up to him.*

Jed: "I assume you heard about whats going on?"

Kusto: "Yea we're on a rescue mission for the Roddenberry."

Jed: "We're a Skeleton crew the captain wants me pulling double duty I'm First Officer and Cheif Engineer. I need you as my second down here."

Kusto: "Aye sir, I'll make sure that Casey stays in one piece."

Jed *Confused* "Casey?"

*Kusto pats the warp core housing.* "Sorry, some of us down here kinda liked the name so we took to calling her that, if its an issue we can stop."

Jed *Smiles*: "I like it Casey it is."

Kusto: "So whats the plan?"

Jed "Well while Im on the bridge for any First officer Duties you'll be in charge down here."

Kusto: "Understood. Do we know who or what is attack the Roddenberry?"

Jed: "The reports were unclear we need to be ready for a fight. How familiar are you with the MultiPhasic Sheilds?"

Kusto: "Read all the manuals and reports, aced the sims."

Jed: "Good. We'll need all hands on deck. This isn't quite the Pomp and Circumstance Starfleet wanted for us."
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