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*Ready Room-10 Mins After All Posts-Crawford and Jed are in attaendance.*

K'larrg:"Starfleet wants a full "Launch Ceremony" in 5 days."

Crawford:"Is this some sort of joke sir?"

K'larrg:"No, this comes from Admiral Janeway."

Jed:"The ship will be ready. But does Starfleet know we have barely a skelton crew aboard currently, sir?"

K'larrg:"They are aware. This ship's first and second officer are not due to join until we reach the Cestus III research station."

Crawford:"So this is some big PR stunt, sir?"

K'larrg:"Yes. I do not agree with this, but I will follow orders, as will you in this matter. Mr Jeggins?"

Jed:"Yes sir?"

K'larrg:"Until we reach Cestus III, you will be doubling as First Officer."

Jed:"Sir...I might not be the best choice."

K'larrg:"I was not aware this was a "debate" Lt Commander."

Jed:"No sir, please forget I said anything."

K'larrg:"Good. You will split you duty shift for the meantime, half in engineering and half on the bridge. You decide which is best for you timewise."

Jed:"I will sir."

Crawford:"Captain Zardoz wouldn't have done soemthing like this, sir."

K'larrg:"You have surely noticed, I am not the Commdore, and this is no longer his ship. It is mine, and you will be best served by remembering that."

Crawford:"I meant no disrespect, sir."

K'larrg:"You spoke your mind privately, as we agreed, no disrepect taken Doctor."

*The Comm Sounds*

K'larrg(Tapping badge):"K'larrg here."

Jones:"Ensgin Jones at tatical sir. We have a red alert from Starfleet."

K'larrg:"In Spacedock Engsin?"

Jones:"No sir, it's the Roddenberry, she's under attack in the Noraox System. Starfleet says we are the only ship in interception range."

K'larrg:"Inform Starfleet we are underway at maximum warp. tatical, emergency release of all umbilicals and moorings!"

Jones:"All umbilicals and moorigs released, sir."

K'larrg:'Helm, lay in a course and execute at warp 9."

Smith (at Helm):"Course plotted, and laid in."


*The ship surges forward*

Jed:"Shall I be on the bridge sir?"

K'larrg:"Not for the moment Mr. Jeggins, I'll need your experience in engineering, if we end up in battle. Dismissed Lt Commander."

*Jed Leaves*

Crawford:"Noraox system? Isn't that system devoid of life? Isn't why Starfleet trains there?"

K'larrg:"It seems the Noraox system is not as devoid of life as we thought Doctor. Please join me on the bridge."

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