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(Durin Zardoz's Post)

*Jed turned back to the engineering terminal double checking some of his calculations. He became lost in thought. Had everyone known is family. Everyone seemed to reconize him for them. Living the shadow of legends wasn't excatly what he wanted but he had done it his whole life. He didn't resent his parents he loved them both dearly. He wondered how much pull his father had to get him this assignment, and was he worthy of it? Was it just his family name that brought him to this position or his own skills. Jed pulls him self out of the thoughts and pulls up a simulation he had been working to increase the peak performance of the Warp Drive.

He had been working on a theory to help maintain warp 9.5 to about twice the current recommended length from Starfleet regs. He was working on writing new regs for the newer technology his father had invented, the current starfleet regulations and norms were far below what the newer tech could handle. He let the computer run the simulation. Again the warp core would shut down automatically after 2 hours. Jed knew the core could handle it. Then the Capatain summoned everyone to his ready room. Jed closed out his simulation and stood up and walked over to the ready room*
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