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*After Crawford's Post-Ready Room-USS Gorkon. K'larrg is speaking to Admiral Janeway via the Comm*

K'larrg:"Respectfully Admiral, the Gorkon does not need a "Launch Ceremony." This ship will be ready for it's mission in 5 days as my Cheif Engineer outlined."

Janeway:"Captain K'larrg, typically I would agree with you. But considering the "fame" the Gorkon achived under Commdore Zardoz's command, and you being the first Klingon to attain the rank of Captain in Starfleet, Starfleet feels that this is PR oppertunity that should not be missed."

K'larrg:"Admiral, respectfully, I resent my ship, crew, and myself being put on display like some....showpiece at a carnval! I must protest, and decline."

Janeway:"Maybe I didn't make myself clear Captain, this is NOT a request. You will be prepared in 5 days time to recive a delegation for a formal launch ceremony, that is an order from Starfleet command. Do I make myself clear now?"

K'larrg:"Yes...Admiral. The ship will be readied for the launch ceremony as ordered."

Janeway:"Good, I look forward to seeing you then, Starfleet out."

*K'larrg slams his fist down on the desk after the comm channel closes*

K'larrg:"To be shown like animal on a parade is dishionrable!!"

*K'larrg taps his commbadge*

K'larrg:"Captain to all senior staff, please report to my ready room as soon as your duites permit."
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