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Originally Posted by DS9TREK View Post
I used to watch it. That was before Virgin1 started screwing it around. It is a great show and I'll watch it again if Virgin1 ever lets me.

The American Life on Mars. I was gonna watch that if it ever made it to the UK just for Colm Meany (gotta support them Niners). But I won't now after I read an interview with Philip Glenister (the original Gene Hunt). He said the US producers asked him to play the American Gene Hunt, but he said he couldn't cos he had just signed to play Hunt in Ashes to Ashes and didn't want to mess around the BBC.

His agent got a rude email back in response - "are you telling me Mr. Philip Glenister dosen't want to appear on American television?" I mean, WTF is so special about American TV? That's put me right off...
I have my resrvations about another set of Actors playing Gene and Sam. They asked John Sim to replay Sam, but he turned them down too.

Philip, from what I've seen is alot like Gene off screen.

Tonight, BBC America is playing the final episode of "Life." So don't tell me how it ends ok???

Since it seems Ashes to Ashes is allready running in the UK, it'll be next year before I see it here in the states. I allready hear good things about the show.
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