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(Gorkon Bridge, just after Crawford's meeting with K'larrg - Crawford stepped out onto the bridge looking slightly confused, he'd been very nervous about confronting Captain K'larrg but had been determined to give him a piece of his mind. Now he had and K'larrg had been... accomodating and reasonable, completely what Crawford hadn't expected, a likeable Klingon. He began to realise how bitter he'd become over the last few years, he would aim to change that, but he still wasn't letting K'larrg off the hook that easily, he going to watch him like a hawk, surely a Klingon commander of a Federation Starship was a recipe for disaster! Looking across the bridge he saw Commander Jeggins was still on the bridge, currently at the engineeringn station at the rear, he walked across to introduce himself.)

Crawford: "I had the pleasure of working with your father a few times over the years, he's a good man, I certainly slept soundly at night knowing he knew how to keep his warp cores from exploding, are you going to give me the same peace of mind Mr Jeggins?" (Jed turned around and saw Crawford, he stood up and extended a hand.)

Jed: "I only work a couple of night shifts so any nightmares or broken sleep would have to be blamed on one of my duty officers. Jed Jeggins Junior."

Crawford: "Benjamin Crawford. A pleasure Mr Jeggins, I can see your father in you, it's uncanny, but your eyes, they're definitely your mothers." (Jed realised he was going to get that a lot, he wondered how he'd feel having his mother's memory dredged up on a regular basis.)

Jed: "You knew my mother?"

Crawford: "Not personally really, I aided in some of her physicals whilst I was still training, but that was years ago. Speaking of physicals, inform sickbay when a good time in your schedule is and I'll make sure you're not about to drop dead on duty."

Jed: "Of course Doctor, today probably isn't the best time but I should be able to squeeze it in tomorrow."

Crawford: "Excelent, it'll take a couple of hours so don't leave any crazy new-fangled experiments running." (Jed laughed.)

Jed: "Ha, I'll try and remember." (Crawford walked away towards the turbolift.)

Crawford: "Good good, I should sleep well tonight then." (Crawford decided that he liked Jed Junior. In truth the times he had encountered Jed Senior he'd never been sure if he liked him or not, not that was saying much as Crawford didn't like a lot of people, he wasn't the easiest person to get along with.)
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