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Originally Posted by samwiseb View Post
But that's not CBS Digital's work. And not what a TNG remastering project would look like, if they created all-new CG effects at a mere fraction of the time and money used to create effects for a first-run series.
I wouldn't want anything less then that quality so a half a$$ed job off it wouldn't be worth it. I do like that they are putting in a lot of effort to restore the original effects in HD though.

Originally Posted by horatio View Post
I think that remastering TNG is great for the long-run, not at least because remastering implies that it is treated as classic, as something that is worth to get polished up and preserved.
But it is probably more expensive than remastering TOS, otherwise they wouldn't probe the market via having worked on and releasing merely three episodes.
I'm sure just due to the number of episodes and if I'm correct they didn't have to re-edit the original series just transfer it.

Originally Posted by chator View Post
Here's another problem though, I want to watch TNG the way I remember it. Remastered is not the way I originally saw the series and though I'm not quite sure how I'd react to a remastered episode. Maybe favorably, maybe not. I went through this with the remastered Robotech cartoon. I bought the Dvds of the series when it was first released by ADV. Later a remastered version was released, I didn't like it, it was too cleaned up plus they changed the theme song and title intro and introduced new sound effects. Well, that killed it for me. A friend of mine couldn't get into TOS remastered because it wasn't the way he remembered watching the episodes as a kid and was buying the Dvds for the naustalgia factor.
That's why they include both the old and new special effects on the TOS blu-ray set, best of both worlds.
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