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*Gorkon Ready Room-During Jed's Post*

K'larrg:"But I have a few questions, Lt Commander."

Jed:"Of course sir."

K'larrg:"It is not nessicary to stand in my presence, have a seat."

Jed(Sitting):"Thank you sir."

K'larrg:"I may be Klingon Lt. Commander, but this is not a Klingon vessel. I do not expect my staff to act like it is."

Jed:"Of course Captain. Your questions?"

K'larrg:"I see the tatical system was changed away from the Mark 5 to the Mark 4, why? The Mark 5 is the latest in tatical systems for starships."

Jed:"Becuase the Mark 4 is reliable, sir. The Mark 5 has a 46% failure rate in prolonged battle senarios."

K'larrg:"So, you made a decison of this maganatude without consulting your commanding officer, mere days from launch?"

Jed:"I did sir, and I would do it again 100 times."

K'larrg(Laughing):"GOOD! I want officers who can think on their feet, and for what is best for this ship, and it's crew."

Jed(Realizing):"This....was a test...sir?"

K'larrg:"My own test to be sure. You passed admirably Lt. Commander. Please, reassume your duties."

*Jed leaves slightly coinfused as to what exactly just happened, as the door chimes again*


*Crawford Enters*

Crawford:"So "Sir", am I the CMO on this ship, or not?!"

K'larrgLooking at a padd)"Well it says here you are Doctor. What seems to be your "difficulty?"

Crawford:"Why were these supplies ordered without my appoval?"

K'larrg:"Simple, Doctor. We had last moment crew replacements and two of them were Armoxian."

Crawford:"..and Armoxians cannot use most of the antibotics iron based humanoids can."

K'larrg:"Also, you had not reported aboard yet, making that decison mine."

Crawford:"Permission to speak freely?"

K'larrg:"Privately, always Doctor."

Crawford:"I wish to be transfered."

K'larrg:"On what grounds Doctor?"

Crawford:"Dur to incompatablity with the commander of the vessel."

K'larrg:"I see. Request denied."

Crawford:"May I ask why?"

K'larrg:"I know you have distaste for my people, but I requested you, because you are the best CMO avilible. Also, your familiarity with the Gorkon from your years of service. Or, was Starfleet, and I, mistaken?"

Crawford(Confused):"You ASKED for me?"

K'larrg:"I belive I answered that question. If you would prefer, I can arrange a Slouthveth (Andoraian for Death Battle) on a holodeck, and we can settle any "misgivings" you have about me there. I admit it has been awhile since I weilded a V'lark (Andorain weapon, roughly sword-like)."

Crawford:"That...will not be nessciary, Captain."

K'larrg:"So, I trust this matter is closed?"

Crawford:"I guess it is sir."
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