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Originally Posted by Enterprise Captain View Post
My guess is they picked "Encounter at Farpoint" because it has a lot of special effects shots in it and so people can compare the first episode to later episodes and see how good the images are through out the series. I'm also not a big fan of how Paramount always releases Star Trek with higher price points then every other show

I would think that the whole series is being done. I doubt they would stop mid-series due to sales being low. Sales may affect the future blu-ray releases of DS9 and Voyager though. Does anyone know if the CGI in those shows were rendered in 1080p? I know that was an issue with the new special effects in TMP and the blu-ray release because those effects weren't
I don't imagine anyone is a huge fan of their pricing. But CBS wants these BluRays to sell, and the market keeps changing thanks to all this 'streaming' crap; I'm sort of hoping that these will be better priced. Though that may be unrealistic.

To my knowledge, no foresight regarding HD was factored into production prior to ENT. Although I think DS9 continued using models throughout most of its run. I'll confess I was quite surprised to hear they had switched to CG, as back then I just assumed that all TV-budgeted CGI would look like Babylon 5. And I still cannot tell quite when they switched over.

Had TNG-R had its effects overhauled by CBS Digital (and I'm very thankful to hear that won't be the case), I'm sure the CG models would have stuck out like a sore thumb.

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