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Originally Posted by kevin View Post
I'm not big on their choices of episodes (although I don't actually dislike 'Farpoint' that much) and yes from that brief (like highly brief) shot there is better clarity in that effects shot...

.....but I'm not convinced that I need this.

I would have to really properly see some episodes to get a feel. And even then, it's doubtful. Not at the full initial cost the Blu-ray's would likely be. They would have to be on a really good sale down the line for me to consider it all over again.
I imagine they eventually will be. I was able to order the TOS BDs for $40 each from Best Buy last year (granted, the cases came slightly cracked).

I just hope they get as far as S4 with this. If enough suckers like me buy seasons 1-2, that should do the trick. I don't want to get the sampler though, if S1 is pretty much a guaranteed thing by that point. For my money 'Farpoint' was one of the worst pilots ever made. Thank god the series was already contracted when they made it...

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