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*Jed Jeggin's and his team continue to run all a pre flight tests. All systems check out either normal or above normal. He then gathers his padd and straigten's his uniform, all the test are above 'optimal' permameters. Starfleets standards might need to be upgdraded if the new warp core works out. He leave engineering heading for the turbo lift to the Bridge.*

*Jed enters the Bridge and buzzes the Captian's Ready Room*

K'largg: "Enter."

*Jed enters the room standing at attention.*

K'largg: "Jeggins, lets hear your report.*

Jed: "Warp Core is operation above Starfleet norms, which I might add was to be expected, deflector array, is also fully operational again above Starfleet Specs. Also as you'll see on the padd *Hands over to K'largg* all other systems are running at peak levels."

K'largg: "Good news to hear."
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