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I'm all for this. The BD season boxsets, at least.

I'd probably get the first two seasons at 'preorder' price just to try to make this worth CBS's while. Then seasons 3-4, which are the real deal for me, I'll probably hold back until they're on sale for half-off (what I've done with every TNG/DS9/TOS set I've bought in the past). I won't weep if seasons 5-7 never get finished because not enough people bought 3-4.

Two things excite me about this project:

First, they're doing it with BluRay at the forefront of their plans, and 'streaming' as an afterthought. That's the way it should be, and it's (frankly) a promising sign the longer it stays that way. Call me petty, but I really dislike all the doomsayer "Your BluRays are already obsolete, sucka" talk, and so soon after the BD/HD-DVD format wars at that. I don't want the 'streamers' to win just yet. Fight the future for as long as possible.

Second (and perhaps more important), they're recompositing the special effects instead of redoing them. This for me is a major plus, and it's refreshing to finally know that the way the show was filmed/edited still leaves this as an option. I expect new CG will still be necessary for optical effects (weapons fire, etc). But any 'full' CG shots would look as cheap here as they did for TOS-R, so I'd glad they don't have to go that route.

I've always disliked the sort of dull, soft-focus look of the TNG-verse series, and rather hoped that much of it was due to post-production processes of the time. I'm hopeful that rescanning the film to HD will sharpen those images somewhat, particularly the actors' faces. Whatever the results, should be interesting to see.

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